Hi There :)


Hi there and welcome to my Blog page.

I am at present travelling up around Byron Bay with my friends Mel and Kerry and have been enjoying camping and the beaches at Fingal Head and Brunswick Head.

Well the 21st is so close now, it is quite amazing that we have been talking about this time for so long and now here it is, quite surreal. I have been feeling the pressure of the build up and even in this last few days when I thought I would be laying back and relaxing, instead many inner disturbances have been rocking my world.

Yet that is the process of living a human existence, learning to accept and let go in each an every moment. To be mindful of what we are feeling and acknowledging every aspect of self, not labelling nor going into story about it.

Just sitting in present moment and ‘being’.

Easier said than done, yet this is the learning of now. Anyway I have only this moment to say a few words on my blog page as I am just about to take on the next part of my journey.

One of many blogs I am sure! We experienced the most amazing storm a couple of nights ago that created a light show for most of the night and a feeling of such electrical charge in the air.

Tomorrow we are all going to join the Shift 2012 festivities in Byron Bay and share the beginning of the New Earth in style with the world. I hope to share some of my sound with people on this trip and to get the CD out into the world.

But for now it is about letting go and trusting that all will fall into place perfectly no matter what.

I pray that wherever you are that you are peaceful and happy.

Until next time… x