OqpsmYdCorporate Team Building Groups

These sessions are great for assisting different teams to communicate and work together, by using various sound & percussive instruments. No musical experience is necessary. Its a lot of fun and a great way for employees to show their collaboration and leadership skills.

Trish has a qualification in Professional Diploma in Group Sound Therapy. So you can choose to have a relaxation Therapuetic Sound Meditation at one of your Corporate events. This will assist the participants to refresh their minds after a heavy day of lectures and talks. After this session it will create enhanced focus for the rest of the day. This session is just perfect as an ongoing wellness incentive also. (please refer to Therapuetic Sound Meditation link)

You could also choose to incorporate a group sound activity, where the group is encouraged to work together on a sound project. This entails using no words but only demonstrated sound. It is a lot of fun and allows for the creative mind to come into play, as well as encourage communication and collaboration within the group.