The Reset your Life Program is aimed at bringing about an improved work/life balance, deeper clarity, inner vitality, passion, and life shifting goals towards creating a new version of you.

This is a 5 week self-development Program that gently weaves through each area of your life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We look at clearing away old programs, patterns and stuck energies, as well as those limiting beliefs. It is time to awaken to your full potential that is hidden within you, so you can move forward in love, self-empowerment, happiness and success.

A unique healing journey that dives deep into self reflective exercises to bring about extra awareness and clarity. Each week you will spend up to 3 hours with Trish one on one, either in person or via online modules Zoom lessons. So this program can be done for anyone intrastate or interstate.

You will also receive Soul Light Language activation’s at the end of each session. Through these spoken and sung soul transmissions, we gain access to high frequency light, keys and codes, that helps to awaken your soul to its life purpose here, gifting you with a deeper spiritual connection and guidance for your life path. This will lock everything into place and sync you into alignment.

Self-awareness is vital to making better choices for our lives and understanding how to improve how we live our life. Step by step Trish will share the same strategies, skills and tools that she has personally used for herself and clientele both privately and corporately for over 20 years. These formulations have launched her life and business into the success it is today.

The key to the success that this program offers is that it integrates Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit which then allows you to fully access your higher purpose and potential. Each week we work together on personal self-development & guidance processes for Mind & Emotions, deep body energy healing techniques for Body, vibrational sound healing, and Light Language activation’s for Soul. There is also a beautiful Reiki Massage & Sound Treatment that is just sublime, grounding in all the learning throughout the weeks.

As well Trish includes pure high frequency Young Living Essential Oils that assist with grounding in the new neural pathways you will be creating.

So if you have been feeling stuck, unmotivated and ready to live your best life then this is the Program for you!!