Preventative Stress Management & Self Development Courses

I am passionate about the need to look after your staff.

I believe that the old adage of ‘prevention is better than cure’ is the truth and I aspire to create this with all of my services and modalities offered.

There is a universal law that states that ‘what we give out we get back tenfold.’

The more we show appreciation and care for our employees, the more we will receive back to our business, with increased enthusiasm, improved work performance and productivity.

A happy employee is a dedicated employee. And by helping them to understand and learn how to create a Work Life Balanced Life is key!

These workshops and services have been tailored to help your employees improve their work performance and productivity, as well as assist in creating more harmonious interpersonal relationships and lifestyles, through reducing stress related issues, both at work and at home.

Working over a length of time with weekly lessons on all of my workshops or courses proves to be more lasting, creating much more permanent life change and personal growth.

By practising regularly this integrates and changes brain patterns, running alongside the theory that it takes 28 days of daily focus on an affirmation to change a habit or program within us.

I know how well it works because all that is taught I have practised myself and continue to do so.

Corporate Preventative Stress Management Courses range from one hourly sessions up to a 12 week program. This has already been successfully run and evaluated through various Government Departments within South Australia.