The New Light Codes

In 2009 I was so blessed to go through an miraculous awakening experience, where I received Sacred Geometric Light Codes into my consciousness, gifting me the ability to speak and sound in Sacred Divine Languages, as well as translate these encodements into English for the person being spoken to.  It has been an personally fulfilling, intriguing and enlightening journey ever since. It has helped me grow as a soul as well as assisting many others as well.
Divine soul language is full of love and light frequencies – a divine galactic language. The languages are like a holy blueprint, embedded with keys and light codes, to help you to remember your divine soul. They help you remember your original spiritual contract, what you came here to do in this shift in consciousness and to awaken and prepare you for ascension into your 5th Dimensional Self.
These Languages are fully encoded with sacred geometry and frequencies we might not otherwise access. The use of light language as a carrier of higher dimensional frequencies is such a beautiful way to help you vibrate higher. The languages carry certain encodements for frequency healing and activating us at a cellular structure.  It helps to align & balance you on all levels of your being, in fact all of our subtle systems are directly affected by these energies.  
After a  session most people feel uplifted, like they have been touched by an angel, it truly is a feeling of having received a heaven sent blessing. Many experience tears of joy, like they are remembering feelings of unconditional divine love. Receiving the spoken or sung tones of the Divine Language helps to elevate our state of consciousness to one of healing and love, aiding and assisting in our Ascension.
10712698_10202986728294976_6410834481521918162_nFor if you have ever had light language spoken to you, you will feel the vibrations of this language, even if you don’t understand what is being spoken or what it does, your soul will know. You won’t know consciously what I am saying to you but somehow it will feel and sound familiar. Of course you wont be able to understand it with your conscious mind as it is more a heart language, one from your home of origin, that is felt. People receiving these spoken or sung vibrational words feel such a sense of deep love, like that of a remembering, of ‘coming home’ to self. There are as many Languages of Light as there are ascended races of beings.   
Recipients have many varying experiences, whether they be subtle or instantaneous, with positive shifting changes to their lives.  Definitely you are given more clarity, and to experience these compassionate encouraging words is so heart warming. I also am able to translate these words, which is not common nor a necessary practice, as the vibrations of the Soul Languages are powerful enough as they are.  Yet I have found that it really does assist the receiver, as it allows for some guiding understanding through this dimensional reality. (Corinthians 14:1-20) V6 – ‘But at this time, brothers, if I should come speaking to you in tongues, what good would I do you unless I spoke to you either with a revelation “or with knowledge” or with a prophecy or with a teaching? ‘
I am so grateful to have been awoken to this ability and been given the gift to speak and sound these sacred Language codes unto others, and to share these highly vibrational frequencies with humanity and the planet at this time in evolution.
Here is an article from Keeper of the Diamond Light Codes page of which also describes the speaking of Light Languages :
~ Light Language ~ Spoken or sung Light language is a language of benevolent love and light & has many different dialects. Some of those dialects are early earth languages, star languages or angelic codes. Light Language is the galactic language of love & light. For those who hear it, It carries encodements for frequency healing, activating DNA, & is used for healing issues, for toning, meditating, & aligning. If you have ever had light language spoken to you, you will feel the vibrations of this language even if you don’t understand what it does. Some say it sounds familiar, from long ago past. Some cry when they hear it. It is not necessary to understand what is being said- only in the intention of the healing or toning with the intent will facilitate the flow of energy to the right place in your energetic structure. Light language is the gift of higher dimensional frequency healing. These words are energy, sound, and vibration. They are gifts from spirit, to spark your dormant 12-strand DNA potential. Light language is a form the so-called sacred geometry. The Language of Light is already pre-coded into every cell of our body… We all have this light codes in us pre-coded to awakening. These dormant codes are awakened by light filled sacred geometric shapes, the Language of Light. Sacred geometry: a way of receiving information and energy to accelerate the Ascension Process. The Language of Light as it flows from “higher” dimensions into our world holds an electromagnetic inscription encoded in the geometric shapes. A direct teaching on your cellular level, heard by your DNA. Sacred geometry,SunGazing, Colours, Spoken Light Language, Sung Light Language , is all Light Language that awakens your God `s codes . Article from ~ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes ~
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I hope that one day you will get to experience one of my Sound activations/attunements and feel the Benevolent love of your Divine.
And so it is……
Trish Blythman