Therapeutic Sound Treatment


Suggested 4 treatments in a row within 6 week time frame for optimum benefits
Ongoing Treatments must be booked within a 3 month time frame, then reverts back to $150

4 Treatment Package $555
60-120 mins variable depending on what is required in treatment.

This is a more in depth session including the diagnosis and treatment of the energy system with Himalayan singing bowls, holistic vocal toning, quartz crystal bowls, and percussive grounding tools. The session also embraces a client-centered reflective process to assist the awareness of, and transformation of unhealthy beliefs and unconscious patterns.


All Sound treatments Suitable For:
Inner reflection and heightened awareness, Stress reduction, a deeper sense of peace and relaxation, integration of mind, body, emotional & spiritual levels, cellular rejuvenation, creating a mindful presence

Assists with stress related illnesses, better sleep patterns, lowering and stabilizing blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, allowing a shift from negative mental and emotional patterns, increased clarity and deeper insight.

Additional information

Treatment Times

4 Treatment Package (weekly), First Treatment 90mins, Ongoing Treatments 60mins