Sound Healing with Soul Reading


Treatment – 60-90 mins – $150.00

This Sound Alchemy session is a combination of Sound being played directly on and around the auric field – the subtle body. The experience of having the Himalayan singing bowls placed on your body and played is like you are receiving a deep healing massage. The vibrations go right into the cellular levels of your being, aligning and balancing your whole being. It is so amazingly relaxing and uplifting.  Vocal toning, drumming, gong, cosmic tone drum, light percussion and crystal bowls are also included in this session.

Also Trish Sounds your Soul Song and a Channeled divine message in Soul Languages of Light. This is truly heart language that brings in amazing experiences of love, encouragement and guidance from your Divine Over-Self. Upgrading your body, on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with the new light codes, that are assisting us to align with our Divine Over-Self & Ascension. A sacred immersion with your Divine Self, as you connect with feelings of Benevolent Love of your spiritual ‘home’.


All Sound treatments Suitable For:
Inner reflection and heightened awareness, Stress reduction, a deeper sense of peace and relaxation, integration of mind, body, emotional & spiritual levels, cellular rejuvenation, creating a mindful presence

Assists with stress related illnesses, better sleep patterns, lowering and stabilizing blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, allowing a shift from negative mental and emotional patterns, increased clarity and deeper insight.

Additional information

Treatment Times

First Treatment 90mins, Ongoing Treatments 60mins