Bec Calabro from ‘A Blissful Existence’ for her beautifully intuited digital graphics that feature as my main header, background and on various links.

Bec specializes in creating custom, intuited  artwork and has a unique ability in expressing an individual’s soul  beauty and essence through colour and form.  Her artwork touches  something deep within and awakens a connection to the light carried  within our heart.

You are a truly amazing healer and intuitive Master with all you do and a wonderful friend. Thanks Bec.

Corey Stewart – Singer, Songwriter, Musician and an absolutely sweet man with many talents, one being webdesign. Corey has a silky voice and has just put his first album out, so take a look see on my links for his page and music. Thanks for all your patience, advice and encouragement.

Nicola Neutze who did the creative graphic design for my CD album.  Nicola is a beautiful person with a heart of gold and she has the innate ability to feel and understand the visual I had in my head and bring it out onto the album cover.  Thank you Nicola for your expertise.

Brian Kowald who took that magnificent photograph of me on the cover and created an artwork that is truly angelic.  Brian is an amazing photographer and creative artist.  Thanks for being so professional and a good friend.

Heather Frahn  – acclaimed singer song writer, vocalist and instrumentalist who promotes peace, unity and positive social change through her music and rich dynamic voice.

Heather is a true Sound Master, please go to her link and listen to her amazing voice and music.  She is the most wonderful friend that a person could ever wish for in their life and I have valued her input, advice and creative knowledge.

Thank you for making my dream come true Heather and I look forward to working alongside you again soon, as  I can feel another album coming through, he he!

Another person who deserves special mention is Sue Gray. You have walked alongside me through this journey of awakening as a master in Sound. You are the “Humble Master” who quietly and genuinely goes about your business encouraging others with your wisdom and grace.

To all my dearest soul family and friends, supporters and clients, thank you for your support, belief in me and all I stand for as well as encouragement and love.

Whenever I needed a helping hand, advice or assistance with getting all of this together, you were there within the blink of an eye. I love you all and pray that we can make this world one of love, acceptance and freedom.