Codes Of Light – CD


Sacred Music to Awaken Higher Consciousness

A beautiful, uplifting composition of ethereal Light Language sound frequencies, sacred Hebrew expressions and Angelic harmonics. As we listen intently to these spoken and sung sacred expressions through Divine Spirit, we gain access to higher Light frequencies, keys and codes which assist us in raising our vibration.

By shifting into a higher vibration, we awaken our Soul and transcend into our galactic Body of Light. Through the album each code brings in pure frequency downloads, activating our chakra centres and cellular body, uniting us with our higher Light Body.

Rest into these sacred codes and frequencies and feel yourself going on a journey toward enlightenment. Immerse yourself within the unconditional, loving vibrations and feel a peaceful inner stillness that beckons you back into union with the Creator and oneness with your Heavenly Divine Overself.

Highly recommended for deepening meditational practices, relaxation, and bringing about self-realisation and deeper insight.

Ideal for creating calmness in conjunction with healing practices, restoring balance & assisting therapists create a more receptive healing space for their client’s sessions.


Code 1 – Higher Calling (5.04 mins) As we integrate and awaken our Light Body, the union of our earthly Masculine and Feminine self merges with our divine higher self and we begin the ascension process.

~ Sacred Message ~ Search deep inside, compassionate being. The keys that unlock your Akashic Soul memories ignite the Remembering.  Step through the mists of deception into the Light of truth. Feel your heart beating you home.

 Code 2 – I Am the Light (9.00 mins) A sacred offering of hope and reassurance to help us shift into the New Earth energies during this time of massive evolutionary transformation.

~ Sacred Message ~ Feel the sound vibrations lift your spirit through the Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, the I Am that I Am. Remember that you have always been first and foremost a Divine crystalline being of Love, a conduit for the Light. Pure consciousness holds your inner Light ever strong, dear souls. Your time has arrived. This is the point of evolution where we claim our true essence.  Acknowledge and integrate your Light Body.

Code 3 – Masters of Light (9.45 mins) The Trinity Hebrew Expressions of the higher Masters of Light. Mik-ky-ilu (Archangel Michael), El Shaddai (Archangel Metatron) and El Elyon (Melchizedek) hold us in pure Light. Guiding, encouraging and protecting us on our higher mission and aligning us with our Soul purpose.

~ Sacred Message ~ Hear our call. Feel our guiding Light upon and within you. Set yourself free from all that binds you to this lower paradigm. Call out our sacred name expressions to help you lift your vibration and shift your consciousness into pure Light. Feel yourself drawn into the higher purpose of your Soul.

 Code 4 – Sacred Codes (4.45 mins) We now begin to integrate the embodiment of the higher frequencies of Light, harmonising Body, Mind and Emotions with Soul.

~ Sacred Message ~ Through the high frequency spoken and sung Light transmissions, we upgrade our earthly vessel and are gifted with sacred vibrations through Holy Spirit. Journey back into the loving arms of our heavenly self.

Code 5 – Soul Mergence (8.30 mins) Receive gentle messages of loving guidance and healing as you join the Divine Hierarchy.

~ Sacred Message ~ Step through the veil, put on your garment of Light and reunite with your Soul family. Feel the loving expressions of encouragement and support from the Councils of Light.

Code 6 – Divine Presence (7.13 mins) Soma Christou, the Light body of Christ, is now uniting us with our higher Light body. Feel the presence of the God Shekinah through the Infinite Mind and Limitless Light of the Ain Soph.

~ Sacred Message ~ Blessed child, the time has come for you to step into your Merkabah vehicle of Light. Surround yourself with this Divine presence and the infinite higher spiritual bodies. Expand your Light from your heart centre as you join with the Creator as One.

Code 7 – Holy Blessing (6.00 mins) This blessing from Holy Spirit gifts us with inner peace, unity and protection. Through these Light Language transmissions, we integrate and deeply embed the codes into our divine blueprint.

~ Sacred Message ~ Surrender into the peace of your heart and immerse yourself into the stillness within. Relax in the garden of paradise, surrounded by the Archangels and your beloved Soul family. Feel their unconditional love and blessings bestowed upon you from the heavenly family of Light. Shalom.

Code 8 – Coming Home (9.14 mins) This alignment ushers in an intense surge of Light transmissions of high vibrational frequencies and Codes of Awakening to activate the human energy field and ignite our DNA. Remember your Magnificence.

~ Sacred Message ~ Here we are at the precipice of the great gathering. All souls reunite as they remember their path and release the grief for that which has now gone. We say farewell to our past and step into our new body – our vessel of Light. Re-member, Re-member, Rejoice, you are Coming Home.

Total playing time – 58.87 mins

Divine Presence, Masters of Light and I am the Light ~ Sacred Names are inspired by the message and work of Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Academy For Future Science ~