Survival guide for Transformation & Awakening

I have had the honour this week to facilitate two Sound and Light Body Attunement groups, of which messages were channelled through me from Divine Source.  The messages were in relation to practical guidelines for Transformation and Awakening. Spirit shared with the group guidelines that will help us work through these powerful portals of light codes that we are encompassing at present.

Below I have listed these practical guidelines.  I hope that they help with understanding what is happening for you and how you can ride through this phase with more ease and grace.

GROUNDING:  Firstly, make sure that you remain grounded as the high frequencies impact on our bodies. We need to make sure that we ground ourselves constantly throughout our day, whether walking out in nature, along the beach or barefoot on the grass.  Look up to the sky and breathe into your body deeply, arms open wide and visualise and feel the light energy moving through your body, down through all your chakras, out the bottom of your feet and into your Earth Star Seed chakra.

The Earth Star Seed Chakra is about 15 to 1 m below your feet.  This energy center develops below the feet as a person evolves in soul consciousness. The function of these advanced center’s is to ground the energy that enters your body through the crown, as well as to anchor your energy so you are receiving the life force energy of the Earth. It locks the soul in place as it must be fully integrated at all levels of the physical and energy body to accomplish its purpose.
Some of this information has been taken from the following site about new chakras .Read more at this link…

STAYING CENTRED & LISTENING TO YOUR BODY:  This message reminds us to stay within our heart centre.  Hold your hand over your heart and constantly check in and ask: what is it I need now?  I have been told through my Divine channel that we are really aligning and merging within our body vessel more than ever and it will play a crucial part of the ‘shift’ into our higher levels of consciousness. So it is time to really listen to your inner most needs.

It is so easy to move outside of ourselves, giving our power away to another, fulfilling their needs, wants and demands instead of following our own.  What is it you really need to do for yourself this day, in this moment, that will bring you the most peace, love and joy?  It is not a selfish act, but a selfless act to honor your body and support your inner most needs.  Sometimes we lose ourselves and feel scattered by not listening to our bodies.

Through our lives we all can fluctuate between high highs and low lows – it is more about learning to maintain a balanced ebb and flow, to find a balanced centre of self.  Living in an extreme transcendent place can be just as powerfully transformative and just as dangerous as experiencing the extreme dark night of the soul. We need our body vessels to assist us to move into this next part of the dimensional shift, so be kind to you.

OWNING YOUR  POWER:  This message was loud and clear!  There is so much information being bombarded through social media about the shift into our 5th Dimensional selves.  Of course this is a truth, the portals have opened and much light is moving through to us.  Yet it is vitally important not to get too caught up in all the hype but to stay focused within your own vessel.  Allow your own unique transformation to take place at its own rate and don’t get too caught up outside of yourself.

I have had many people share with me their concern that they are not feeling this incredible, uplifting energy. Instead of feeling amazingly full of love and expansion, they are more feeling unwell, unsettled and far from enlightened.  They question, what is wrong with me? Why am I not feeling like everyone else and having amazing experiences?  This is all too common, and I am here to tell you that transformation is constantly happening throughout our lives, not just now.  Just because you are laid up and struggling through this, you might actually be placing yourself in a position to receive the light codes easier.  Sometimes we need to be in a place of stillness for us to purge the last of outmoded programs or patterns within us.

It is not good, it is not bad… just is! Know all is happening in perfect timing for each of us.

Also all may not appear as it looks ….a lot of people may look like their life is going well but if you actually sat down with them; you may be astonished to find that they may not be going as well as you thought.  So allow yourself to stay in your power and call your spirit back whenever you find yourself straying out into other people’s ‘stories’ or lives.  Stay true to yours.

DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF:  Which leads us into the last message….. try not to compare yourself to others by judging yourself as inferior, incomplete or not good enough. Do any of these comments come to mind……Look at everyone, they are doing so well? They seem to be flying, why can’t I?  OMG what is wrong with me, I can’t even get out of my own way! I can’t do that; I am just not that clever, smart enough or have the ability.  Sound familiar?

We are all moving and shifting with our soul’s contract, so it is really a waste of your energy and time to compare yourself to others.  We all have times of flying high and then times of struggle and lying low.  If we compare with another we lose our self and begin to judge our self as not being good enough or lacking.
A friend of mine just recently gave me this analogy ……A gaggle of geese fly in a V formation, with a lead bird right up the front of the flock.  As that bird tires, it knows to rest and falls to the back of the flock whilst another bird takes the lead.  This allows the others to rest and gather their strength.

We all take it in turns to hold the energy up front, shining our lights and surging forward and then we sometimes need to step back and rest and allow others to hold the energy for us.  The difference between the geese and us is, that they don’t judge or negate themselves for this process but we do!  We can learn a lot from nature if we just stopped, observed and listened more and respected there is a season for planting the seed and a season to harvest.

So be kind to yourself and believe that your transformation and life are unfolding in perfect time for you!