Spring Cleaning Our Subconscious Belief Patterns


Hi there and welcome to my October Blog.

Well how have you all been going with making time for yourself this last month? Have you started a new hobby and implemented some time to relax in your week?

This month I want to talk about sub-conscious patterning.

In the last two newsletters we have taken a look at improving our time management and taking action to nurturing ourselves more.

Now sometimes when we take the step towards choosing a new way of being in our lives and attempt to make changes for the better, we find that we hit a brick wall and head back the same old path of habitual programs again! Well some of this is due to our deep sub-conscious belief system.

Even though our conscious mind tells us we can make the change, our old programming attempts to keep us with the familiar and ‘comfortable’, known as our comfort zone. Of course it seems like it is safe and comfortable but actually it isn’t, especially if it is making you feel unhappy.

If you would like to read more about this, Doctor Maxwell Maltz wrote a book about this comfort zone, called ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’

As you are probably aware our personalities are imprinted by the age of 7 or 8 years of age and we live the rest of our lives believing and acting out on those assumptions we made about ourselves right back then. The mind does not know how to distinguish what is fact or fiction at these early years, it just takes it as gospel.

We soak up information about ourselves like a sponge from our surroundings and peers and it goes straight into the sub-conscious part of our mind. We have not yet developed our rational mind, our free will has not yet the ability to accept or reject ideas. So we don’t know what it fact or fiction.

As we are confronted with these same experiences throughout our life, these particular groups of brain cells are automatically activated and the old picture flashes onto the screen of the mind and we create the same outcome. If we are told something long enough we start to believe it.

Therefore the image that we hold of ourselves from early in life is a premise upon which our entire personality is built and it controls our behaviour and circumstances throughout the rest of our lives. If the image is that of fear, lack, poor self-esteem or self -worth or negative attitudes then that is what we seem to bring into our life. Also the positive images can also be true, depending on our upbringing and what our peers shared with us.

Also, the mind-body connection is such that if, for example, we want to avoid something, very often our subconscious mind will arrange it.

Our mind-body effect is powerful – psyche the mind controls soma the body – the psychosomatic effect is real. Ever experienced falling ill on a day of an exam or getting a headache brought on by fear or experienced laryngitis before a big speech?

The good news is, that we as adults have the choice to change our circumstance by choosing the thoughts we are having. It starts with firstly recognising, through observation that what you are thinking or acting out in your life is a truth or non-truth, is it a belief that is not actually true.

Some of the signs that it is non-truth is, if it is disturbing and disrupting your life making you unhappy, anxious, self harming or depressed, then maybe it is time to revisit some of your belief systems. Now this can be quite confronting because your unconscious mind will keep telling you it is true and so you may feel like giving up before you can set in the new program!

Have you heard people say ‘See I told you I couldn’t do it’ or ‘See it doesn’t work just as thought’ type of comments. This is our sabotage program at work, our comfort zone. If our pattern goes outside the parameter too far either way of the comfort zone, we tend to revert back to auto pilot! Don’t give up, it will be worth the effort.


So it takes persistence, patience and commitment with yourself to keep this new program of truth to start to reveal itself. It is like learning a new language or skill, it takes time and like any learning the more you do it the better you get at it and then it too becomes automatic.

Some thoughts of belief say it takes a good 21-28 days straight to change a habit. Through repetition, positive thinking and affirming daily to ourselves our new way of thinking and behaving we can make the change.

Some ways that can assist in shifting self sabotaging patterns:

  • Take notice of yourself talk, become aware that you are in negative self talk and choose to change the thought to a positive one
  • Be mindful of your comfort zones
  • Use visualisation practices to assist changing a pattern
  • Repetition – practise makes perfect
  • Be mindful of negative influences ie gossiping, watching the news before bed, being around negative people
  • Affirmations can bring about positive changes
  • Try a modality such as Meditation, Hypnosis, NLP, Sound Therapy or counselling can assist in uncovering and shifting sub-conscious patterns

I am presenting a workshop on Saturday October 12th at the Healing and Wellbeing Day, Victor Harbor, where I will be taking you through a dialoguing process that will assist in unlocking subconscious patterns.

If you would like to know more about this event contact – Sue Shaw on 0421 915 591 or email

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10:00am-11:00am,Healing with the angels,Sue Shaw
11:00am-11:15am,Morning tea,,
11:15am-12:15pm,Healing with herbs,Patrizia Bronzi
12:30pm-1:15pm,Self massage techniques,David Bridgeman
2:15pm-3:15pm,Numerology,William Carter
3:30pm-4:30pm,Mindfullness – The power of your thoughts,Trish Blythman
4:30pm-5:00pm,Afternoon tea,,
5:00pm-6:30pm,Sound journey meditation,Trish Blythman