Self Nurturance – It’s All About YOU This Month


Welcome to my September Blog. I hope that you are enjoying the Spring weather, it is so nice to soak up the warmth from the sun again.

Did you make time to do the time management exercise last blog? If not you can still read it here

Last week I took some time out to replenish my soul, which is so important for creating the space for becoming ‘present’ within oneself. I went to stay with friends who assisted me to shift into better eating patterns, which I am still maintaining.

After this I went and stayed on a farm at McLaren Flat, where I found peace of mind and heart filled bliss. There’s nothing like nature and being around animals to remind us of what is important in life.


Little Timmy the lamb certainly lifted my heart with joy and laughter, he is so cute! How could you not smile when you look at this little cherub.

So, to continue on with the ‘Me Time’ theme this month, I am giving you another tool that will assist you in finding time for nurturing YOU!

Now that you have an idea from the first exercise we did last month of where your life is out of balance, you can start to make choices about how you are going to make changes to balance it out.

Firstly, sit down with your diary and block off some time just for yourself each day, or make it at least a couple times a week. It may only be for an hour in the morning or twice a week for a couple of hours.

Treat it like you were making an appointment with a professional. You wouldn’t just not turn up at the chiropractor or doctors now would you, so don’t think it is okay to break that set time for yourself. Make an appointment with yourself. You are worth it!

Then choose what it is that you wish to fill that time up with, maybe a goal you wish to start on, like walking for a half hour each day; a creative activity; starting up a new hobby; or even treating yourself to a massage to pamper yourself.

Start with whatever makes your heart sing, or at the least something that will assist with improving your well being. You can do a ‘Mind Map’ like the one illustrated below. This one is specific to one area of life, but you can use anything as the central topic.


I did one with a pink heart in the centre, with the words ‘Accepting and Loving Me’. From that I drew out all the areas of my life, and how I can implement activities or actions into them that will help me toward loving myself more, i.e. walking down the beach; changing my diet; planning a holiday, etc.

From that I wrote down the steps for making it happen. Get the picture? It is really a fun way to look at your life and grasp what your values and priorities are.

These are all steps to improving your body, mind, emotion and spirit. Even just consciously creating some time each day to stop, close your eyes, and take in some deep breathes, whilst visualising something relaxing and beautiful, (and maybe even saying an affirmation), might be all it takes.

Remember not to be too hard on yourself if at first you wander away from your initial plan. Old habits can be resistant, but keep on going and what you will notice is that gradually your life will take a turn for the better.

Make YOU a priority in your life. With only one little disciplined intention, your life can change in an instant.

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Time to nurture yourself this month…

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Blessings everyone, have a wonderfully nurturing month!

Trish x