Creating Time For Yourself – Taking A Look At Time Management


This month I share an article about how time is literally speeding up and ways to help you manage all of life’s demands AND begin to see how you can create time for YOU in your week. I am also offering some specials so that you can kick start the process and pamper yourself.

Many of us are feeling time poor and have good reason to. Did you know that according to scientific research the heartbeat of the Earth, (which is measured in cycles per second), is literally speeding up? Read more about this at the end of this blog.

Did you know that besides the healing work that I do, I am also a qualified Workplace Trainer and Assessor?

When I worked at the Police Department I used to run Preventative Stress Management Course’s. Time management and Creating ‘me time’ were proven to make the most impact and change in the lives of all attending participants.

I love training people in self-development topics, and plan to incorporate these skills and experiences into my business over the next year, offering interesting workshops and courses.

Just today I personally went through a process with my friend and it was such a nice feeling to share these tools and to also gain more clarity and direction in my own life. Whilst this information may not be new to everyone, sometimes we just need a little reminder to bring back those skills, and to prompt us into practising them again.

Hopefully it is perfect timing for you!

Firstly I wish to touch on how important it is to make time to nurture yourself by finding some ‘me time’ moments in your week. I hear you saying,

“When and how do I fit in time for this, in an already overly busy daily schedule?”


Well, let’s find out shall we?

To make any adjustments in our lives, we firstly must commit to sit down, take stock, and review where all of our time is being gobbled up.

One very simple and useful process is to create a pie chart as pictured below and in each section name all the different aspects that make up your life i.e. Family, Health, Finances, Personal time, Work, Sport etc.

Colour in from the centre of each section, the time you allocate to each of these areas according to how much time is consumed on that activity.


When you have finished, look at the pie picture and observe where all of your time is being spent. Then ask yourself some questions as you review your chart:

  • In what area of my life do I spend most of my time and how do I feel about this?
  • Are there any particular areas that are taking up my time that I would like to change? (maybe a lot of time is spent working and not as much time with family or on yourself)
  • In which areas of my life would I like to allocate more time and why?
  • What changes will I need to make to create balance in the different areas of my life?
  • What is the first step I am willing to take towards creating this balance to improve my life?

Give yourself a completion date to take this step by and an incentive as to how you can keep to this goal, and stick to it!

Now you are on the right path to creating a renewed direction for your life. Next blog I will share how to incorporate a new program into your life, so STAY TUNED!

Now here is that interesting article in relation to how time is speeding up:


Scientists discovered many years ago that the Earth gives off a pulse known as the Schumann Resonance.

This pulse or frequency which has been likened to a heartbeat of the Earth, has been stable at approximately 7.8 cycles per second for thousands of years.

However since around 1980 the Earth’s heartbeat began to slowly rise or speed up and is currently measured at 12 cycles per second.

This means that the normal 24-hour day is more like a 16-hour day.

In essence, we’ve lost one third of our normal daytime. It is not ‘time’ but Creation itself that is accelerating. The most incredible thing is some scientists believe the Earth will actually stop rotating when this pulse reaches 13 cycles per second!

It is believed that when Earth stops rotating on its axis that it will remain still for around 3 days and then start spinning in the other direction. This will cause a reversal in the magnetic field around the Earth. What will happen then, who knows?

So there you have it… Time IS actually speeding up, so we are not imagining it!

Until next time, be in loving kindness to self.

Trish x